Port logistics

In 2004, Landbridge Group funded and constructed Landbridge Port, and has since built up an entire logistics chain including port loading and unloading, warehousing logistics, a shipping agency and ocean shipping supply around the port. 

In 2005 Landbridge Group established Rizhao Landbridge Port Co. Ltd with a registered capital of 1.236 billion yuan to construct Landbridge Port and undertake the strategic development of port logistics. Landbridge Port is situated on the northern coast of Haizhou Bay in the Yellow Sea, which is at the southern end of the Shandong coastline. Its rare combination of geological and natural conditions makes it an ideal site for the establishment of a large deep water port; it is accessible from all directions via water, road and rail. 

(Location of Landbridge port)

In accordance with theRizhao Port Masterplanapproved by the State Council, Landbridge will build an integrated deep water port transporting crude oil, refined oil, liquid chemicals, ores and other bulk commodities with a planned annual capacity of 220 milliontons. The masterplan divides the port into three areas: a liquid chemical area, a central area and a deep water berth area. The plan makes provision for 22 berths. The liquid chemical area will comprise 7 berths with a capacity ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 tons; the central area will comprise 7 berths with a capacity ranging from 50,000 to 150,000 tons for refined oil and crude oil; and the deep water berth area will construct 5 berths with a capacity ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 tons for bulk commodities and general products. 

(The main entrance of Landbridge Port) 

(Artist’s impression of Landbridge Port)

With the rapid development of the hinterland economy, the market demand for port logistics has also seen a rapid growth trend. As Landbridge Port comes into service, this huge market demand should ensure ample development potential for the port logistics industry of Landbridge Group. 

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